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Nursing research, evidence-based practice, literature reviews, meta-analysis, correlations, control and experimental groups, and validity. Terms like these used to make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. My palms would break into a sweat, and if ever I felt inadequate as a nurse, it was in the area of nursing research. I would listen to advanced practice nurses, master's-prepared nurses and doctorate-prepared nurses discussing research and feel totally inadequate. It didn't matter that at the time, I had 16 years of experience or that I was currently working as a nurse manager. Nursing research seemed to be a foreign language. To console myself, I would say that research wasn't my cup of tea. It was too dry, too complex and impossible to undertake the the 'real world'.


Chapter from Kirkpatrick McLaughlin, M. M. & Bulla, S. A. (editors) : Real Stories of Nursing Research: The Quest for Magnet Recognition.

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