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To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using a Wiki to develop an evidence-based practice research project.

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evidence-based practice, research, wiki


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  • Senior immersion students at St Cloud State University and the College of St Benedict collaborate with St. Cloud Hospital to complete EBP and Research projects
  • Past challenges: Communication and information sharing
  • Identification of a collaborative workspace, a Wiki, as a solution
  • PBWorks selected Wiki provider

Research Questions:

  • Are students able to complete an EBP project using a Wiki?
  • Do students perceive the Wiki as helpful for enhancing collaboration on an EBP assignment?
  • What is the confidence level for using Wiki technology of students before and after completing the EBP project?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to using a Wiki to develop an EBP project?


  • Students completed EBP projects on falls & safe work environment
  • Students used Wiki most for storing resources (48 entries)
  • Mean survey score of 4.41 (on a 6 point scale) indicated students found Wiki helpful for enhanced collaboration
  • After project completion, students had increased confidence with using Wiki - Score increase from 1.50 to 2.80 (t(9)= -4.993, p=.001)
  • Use Wiki again? 7 of 10 students agreed or strongly agreed -Cronbach's alpha fro the scale = .880

Wiki's and EBP: Linking Academia and Practice

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