Human Biology and Astrophysics

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Master of Science (MS)



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Timothy Schuh

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Kevin Haglin

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Hridaya Shah


This work includes studies which are under the umbrella of the Natural Sciences. Areas of study such as Biology, Physics, and Astronomy all strive to better understand the natural world. When we wish to understand a particular phenomenon, it is often helpful to observe it through the lens of more than one discipline because they are interrelated and often interdependent. Physics, Astronomy, and Biology are interwoven throughout this project. In fact, some cited sources herein are co-authored by a biologist and a physicist. Astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, puts it this way, “Sciences, like people, undergo phases as they mature. What we know, and how we know it, changes at the same time. Until the 19th century, for example, biologists primarily concerned themselves with cataloging the species of life on Earth; today, on the other hand, they care about the molecular and physical processes that govern life. Biology, in other words, has absorbed chemistry and physics into its ranks (Tyson and Trefil 2021, 57).”