Beacon Light: Summer 1981

St. Cloud Hospital


  • Gene Bakke commentary on the election of the hospital's first lay president of the Board of Trustees.
  • Appointment of Robert Wick, PHD, as president of the hospital's Board of Trustees
  • S. Miriam Ardolf named to the Advisory board to a branch of the Northwestern National Bank
  • List of Medical Staff Officers for 1981-1982
  • Dr. Severn Koop, M.D., named President of the Minnesota Medical Association
  • Profile on careers in Nursing
  • Article cautioning readers against prolonged sun exposure
  • Overview of the infection control process in the hospital
  • Feature on Earl Pederson the Rehabilitation Director
  • List of donors to the hospital
  • Pictures of the graduates from the St. Cloud School of Nursing Class of 1981