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Inflatable penile prosthesis placement is an effective and safe treatment option for erectile dysfunction. The 5-year revision rate is low (7%) and revisions are most likely due to infection or mechanical problems with the device.

Penile prosthesis aneurysm is a rare complication that is managed surgically. The choice of graft used during tunical reinforcement is critical to avoid subsequent complications. The use of autologous grafts from distant tissue often leads to deformations of penile tissue in addition to the increase in operative time, morbidity, and cost of the operation. The use of synthetics increases the susceptibility to infection and decreases long-term pliability of the penile tissue. More recently, a publication in plastics reconstructive literature suggests the use of an acellular porcine graft. We believe using the patient's own tunica as an autologous graft should be more closely investigated.


DOI: 10.1016/j.eucr.2018.10.015