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  • The Chicago Firm Herman Smith begins a consulting project for the Hospital
  • Letter from Sister Jameen OSB, on Nurse instruction
  • Hospital implemented a new point system in determining an individuals salary
  • Sister Olivia Gowan was transferred to the St. Cloud hospital from St. Scholastica's Priory
  • Feature on Jerry Knuesel the Hospital's head chef
  • X-Ray department recognized at an annual state conference
  • Various profiles on newly hired doctors
  • Hospital Supervisors begin management program
  • Hospital acquired an electric motor-driven proctoscopic table
  • A list of proposed changes to the Dietary Department
  • Explanation of the methodology used to determine employee salaries
  • Story on Dr. Bozanich's family reunion in Trieste, Italy
  • Feature on the Pathology Department
  • List of new staff and promotions